Mastering the Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Your Summer Baby Monitor


Hello lovely moms and dads out there! If you’re anything like me, you understand that being a parent means being on alert 24/7. Peace of mind is a rare commodity, and anything that gives us a little bit more of it is an absolute blessing. Enter one of our unsung heroes – the baby monitor! More specifically, we’re going to tilt our hat today to the Summer Baby Monitor. They’ve been providing us peace of mind through their innovative and user-friendly baby monitors for years now. But are we all sure we’re making the most out of them? Is setting them up giving us a challenge? Today, let’s dive into how to program our Summer Baby Monitor.

Understanding Your Summer Baby Monitor

Before we start programming your baby monitor, it is essential you understand what it is about. There are various models of Summer Baby Monitor that you might have – from the Summer Infant Baby Pixel Cadet Video Baby Monitor to Summer Infant Glimpse Plus Video Baby Monitor. Each has its unique setup, but don’t be worried. The fundamentals remain the same. All models usually come with a camera or multiple cameras and a monitor.

How to Program Your Summer Baby Monitor

Learning how to program your Summer Baby Monitor involves a sequence of steps that are pretty similar across models. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Plugin Your Devices

The first step involves powering your devices. Plugin the baby unit (camera) and the parent unit (monitor). Both units do come with power cords. Ensure you plug them into nearby outlets, ideally within the room you plan to monitor.

Pair Your Devices

Once both the baby unit and parent unit are powered up, it’s time to pair them. Press the ‘menu’ button on the parent unit and select ‘add camera’. After that, simply select ‘pair’. Depending on the model, you might need to press a pairing button on the baby unit as well. The devices should connect within seconds.

Customize Your Settings

With your devices paired, you now have the ability to adjust according to your preferences. These include changing the sound sensitivity, power-saving settings, and the brightness and volume of the parent unit. Remember, these settings can be easily adapted to meet your unique needs.

Position Your Camera

Positioning your camera is crucial. Place it at a height and angle where it can oversee most (if not all) of the baby’s crib or room. Certain models of Summer Baby Monitors allow you to remotely adjust the camera angle, giving you a greater level of control.

Do a Trial Run

Once you are all set, do a quick trial run. Check if the monitor is flawlessly capturing and transmitting sounds and visuals from the baby’s room to the parent unit. If anything feels off, simply adjust the settings until you’re satisfied.

Troubleshooting Your Summer Baby Monitor

Naturally, you may encounter some hitches while trying to program your monitor. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

The Devices Won’t Pair

Solution: Ensure both devices are powered on and within range. Reset both devices and repeat the pairing process.

The Video Feed Is Grainy or Unstable

Solution: Check the camera’s positioning and adjust it if necessary. You might also need to close any applications using WiFi on your parent unit, as these can interfere with the monitor’s signal.

The Monitor Is Not Displaying Video

Solution: This might be because of your power-saving settings. Simply adjust them to cater to your needs.


There you have it, dear readers! A comprehensive guide to programming your Summer Baby Monitor. Armed with knowledge and tools in your hands, you are all set to maximize the utility and convenience of your Baby Monitor. These monitors not only help you keep a close eye on your sleeping cherubs, but also give you one less thing to worry about. Here’s to embracing technology and letting it aid us in our beautiful journey called parenting!






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