Optimal Placement Guide: Where to Put Your Baby Monitor for Maximum Safety and Efficiency


Hello, moms out there! As the proud mummy of two beautiful kids, one of the most common questions I get asked by my readers is, “where should I put the baby monitor?” Baby monitors are incredible inventions that give us parents the peace of mind and freedom to do other things while our baby is sleeping. But, positioning it correctly is crucial for it to function most effectively. So, grab a cup of coffee as we delve deep into this crucial topic.

Understanding the Baby Monitor

Before we dive into the art of positioning, let’s understand what a baby monitor is. We can’t deny the immense sense of security that a baby monitor provides. It’s a device that allows you to keep a watchful eye (and ear!) on your baby from another room. There are mainly three types of baby monitors:

  • Audio Monitors: They work like a walkie-talkie, enabling you to hear when your baby stirs or cries.
  • Video Monitors: These come equipped with a camera that gives you a live feed of your little one.
  • Movement Monitors: These are like advanced video monitors. They not only show you the visuals but also track your baby’s motions, including breathing.

The Importance of Proper Placement

Now that we’ve tackled what a baby monitor is, let’s understand why their placement is so important. Well-positioned baby monitors:

  • Maximize the device’s performance for better audio and video quality.
  • Avoid blind spots for uninterrupted viewing of your munchkin.
  • Eliminate harmful exposure to electromagnetic fields for your baby.
  • Prevent potential accidents from loose cords or the monitor falling within baby’s reach.

Where to Place Baby Monitors – General Tips

When deciding where to place your baby monitor, consider these tips:

  • Distance: The monitor should ideally be placed at least 3 feet away from your baby’s crib. This distance shields your baby from any radiation emitted by the monitor.
  • Height: Position the monitor at a height that offers a full view of the crib. For video monitors, a bird’s eye view is most effective.
  • Safety: Ensure there are no cords within your baby’s reach as they pose a strangling risk. Also, the baby monitor itself should be out of your baby’s reach to prevent accidents.

Placing Different Types of Baby Monitors

Audio Monitors

For audio monitors, position them close enough to clearly capture your baby’s sounds but far enough so it doesn’t pick up unnecessary background noise. Placing these on a high shelf or mounted on the wall, away from the crib, usually works well.

Video Monitors

For video monitors, mount them at a corner of the crib, ideally 3-4 feet above it. This provides an unobstructed view of your baby. Remember, the camera should be angled correctly towards your baby’s sleeping area for the best results.

Movement Monitors

Placement for movement monitors depends on the specific type. Sensor pads are placed under the baby’s mattress, while wearable devices are attached to your baby’s clothing or diaper. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to position these correctly.

Winning Tips for Baby Monitor Placement

Here are some additional tips to optimize your baby monitor’s placement.

  • Test different positions: Each home is unique; experiment with different locations to find the best spot.
  • Consider multiple cameras: If the nursery is large or for twins, use multiple units for different angles.
  • Avoid interference: Keep the monitor away from other electronics like mobiles, microwaves, or WiFi routers that may cause interference.
  • Ensure stability: Make sure the monitor is on a stable, secure surface to prevent it from falling.


Remember, every room setup, baby monitor brand, and model is different, so a bit of tweaking and customization may be required to find the best spot. Hopefully, this guide reduces your guesswork and makes your parenting journey a tad easier. Here’s to enjoying those precious quiet moments while your little one dreams away!

Remember, any questions or thoughts, do share them with me. Let’s walk this amazing journey of parenthood together, one blog post at a time!






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