Step-by-Step Guide: Mounting Your Baby Monitor on the Wall for Enhanced Safety and Visibility


Hello dear readers, fellow moms, and dads! As parents, our perpetual concern is the safety and wellbeing of our little ones. Whether you’re a new parent or have a few years of experience under your belt, baby monitors are indispensable. Nothing compares to the peace of mind knowing you can keep an eye on your baby even when you’re not in the room. But, the effectiveness of a baby monitor depends a lot on its positioning. Today I am going to share with you an in-depth guide on how to mount a baby monitor on the wall. We’ll delve deep into the different types, positions, and everything in between.

1. Choosing the Right Mount for Your Baby Monitor

A. Adjustable Mounts

The adjustable mounts are ideal for positioning your baby monitor for the best view. They can be tilted, swivelled, and sometimes even extended to capture different angles of the baby’s crib.

B. Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts are robust and sturdy, offering a secure fit for your baby monitor. However, their viewing angle is static, so ideal positioning is crucial.

C. Magnetic Mounts

Salvaging the convenience of modern technology, magnetic mounts are easy to install and reposition. They hold sturdy but allow you to detach the monitor easily if needed.

Before deciding on a type, double-check its compatibility with your baby monitor model. Your choices may vary depending on whether you have a Motorola, Infant Optics, or Vtech monitor.

2. Identifying the Right Position

Choosing the right position is integral to ensure your baby monitor serves its purpose. Make sure the chosen point gives an unobstructed view of your baby’s crib. As a rule of thumb, the monitor should be placed away from the crib to prevent any safety hazards but close enough to capture clear images.

A. Corner of the Room

This spot typically offers a panoramic view of the room. It allows the monitor camera to cover a wider area beyond just the crib.

B. Adjacent to the Crib

Placing the baby monitor on a wall next to the crib provides a close-up view. This position is beneficial if your monitor does not have a zoom feature.

Remember that the baby monitor should not be within the baby’s reach— at least 3 feet away is a safe distance.

3. Steps to Mount Your Baby Monitor on the Wall

We’ve now reached the actual mounting process.

Measure and Mark

Use a measuring tape to decide the exact spot where you want to install the baby monitor. Mark the position for drilling.

Drill the Holes

Depending on your mount type, you may need to drill holes in the wall for the screws. Use a level tool to ensure straight drilling.

Install the Mount

Install your mount following the manufacturer’s instructions. Secure it tightly, and ensure it’s steady.

Attach the Baby Monitor

Last, attach your baby monitor to the mount. Adjust it to your preferred viewing angle.

4. Safety Considerations

Safety is of paramount importance when installing a baby monitor. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that cords and wires are out of the baby’s reach.
  • Regularly check the mount for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Avoid placing the monitor near water sources like humidifiers.
  • Secure the baby monitor firmly to prevent it from falling.

5. Conclusion

Installing your baby monitor on the wall requires careful consideration of mounting options, positions, and safety precautions. By following this guide, you will be able to mount your baby monitor in a way that offers the best view of your little one and ensures their safety. Remember, while baby monitors offer substantial help, they don’t substitute active supervision. Happy parenting!

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