Transforming Your iPad Into a High-Tech Baby Monitor: A Comprehensive Guide


If you’re here, chances are you’re a busy parent, like myself, who needs an extra set of dependable, tech-savvy eyes on your precious little one. Enter the iPad! In our increasingly interconnected world, our handy devices serve myriad purposes, and today I’m here to up your tech-savvy parent game by guiding you on how to use your iPad as a baby monitor. So, brew a cup of your favorite calming tea, and let’s embark on this smart parenting journey!

Why an iPad as a Baby Monitor?

Before we delve into the ‘how’, it is crucial to know the ‘why’. Baby monitors can be expensive, especially those equipped with video capabilities. However, with a good wifi network, and an old or new iPad lying around, you can easily create your own baby monitoring system. Not to mention, the larger screen size of the iPad gives a clear and concise view of your baby’s room. Here are a few reasons you should consider using your iPad as a baby monitor:

  • Cost-effective: Why invest in an expensive baby monitor when you can use an existing device?
  • Convenience: You can carry your iPad around the house and keep an eye on your baby simultaneously.
  • Quality display: The iPad’s high-resolution display enables high-quality video streaming.
  • Multi-functionality: Use your iPad for various other activities like reading a book, watching a movie or surfing the web, while also monitoring your baby.

Setting Up Your iPad as a Baby Monitor

Alright, let’s get down to business. Transforming your trusty iPad into a baby monitor involves a few simple steps:

Choose the Right App

The first step involves downloading a reliable baby monitor app from the Apple Store. While there are several options out there, here are a few of my personal favorites for their versatility, user-friendliness, and security features:

  1. Cloud Baby Monitor: This app provides live video streaming, noise and motion alerts, lullabies to soothe your baby, and even allows you to talk to your baby with its two-way communication feature.

  2. Dormi Baby Monitor: This app boasts an impressive range of features, including superior adaptability to both wifi and 3G/4G networks, battery alerts, and encryption ensuring your baby’s safety is paramount.

  3. Baby Monitor 3G: This option is perfect for its simplicity and price. It offers live HD video, unlimited range, and activity logs of your baby’s sleep patterns.

Install the App

Once you’ve picked a baby monitor app that suits your needs, go ahead and install it on two devices – your iPad which will serve as a receiver, and your iPhone or iPod that will be placed in your baby’s room acting as a sender or camera. This dual device set-up ensures you are always connected and aware of your baby’s environment.

Using Your iPad as a Baby Monitor

Run the App

After installation, launch the app on both devices. Ensure you choose the correct roles for your devices. For instance, your iPad would be the ‘Parent’s Station’, and your iPhone would be the ‘Baby’s Station’

Position the Sender

The position of the iPhone or iPod (the sender) is key to ensuring you get a good view of your baby’s room. Ensure it is properly secured and positioned to not risk any harm to your baby. A handy tip might be to use a phone stand to get a wide-angle view and to prevent the device from falling.

Stay Connected

Once your devices are appropriately positioned, ensure they are connected over the same wifi network to start monitoring. And remember to keep the volume on your iPad on, so you don’t miss any of the signals or motions captured by the baby monitor app.


And just like that, in five simple steps, your dependable iPad doubles up as a baby monitor! It really is the best of both worlds, wouldn’t you agree? This cost-effective, simple yet efficient solution ensures you always have your baby in sight sans any worried hovering over the crib. Just remember to keep your devices secure, ensure good internet connectivity, and your iPad baby monitor is ready to go!

As a fellow parent, I understand how critical and personal baby-care decisions can be. But with a resounding belief in the power of technology and its undeniable role in simplifying our lives, I recommend we embrace it, especially when it’s as handy and simple as transforming your iPad into an effective baby monitor. And as per your queries or concerns, I’m always here – ready to chat and exchange smart parenting tips and tricks. Happy parenting!






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