10 Ideal Spots to Mount Your Baby Monitor for Optimal Safety and Peace of Mind


Even with my super-mommy powers, I can’t always be around my little one every second of the day. That’s where my trusty sidekick comes in – the baby monitor. But where should I mount my superhero tech gadget for the best coverage? It’s a question I get from new parents a lot, and today I’m dedicating this entire blog post to answer it. So, bounce up, because it’s time to strap on your tool belt and explore the art of baby monitor placement.

The Importance of Proper Baby Monitor Placement

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s understand why it’s crucial to mount your baby monitor correctly. An improperly placed baby monitor not only undermines its functionality but can also pose risks. It should give you a clear view of your baby, not obstruct the crib, and also minimize the chances of your curious munchkin reaching it.

The Benefits of Correct Placement:

  • Maximized Coverage: The right position provides a full, clear view of your baby and the surrounding crib area.
  • Safety: Keeps cords out of reach, reducing strangulation risks.
  • Accuracy: Deliver accurate readings for monitors with extra functions (like room temperature).

Ideal Placement Options for Baby Monitors

When it comes to baby monitor placement, there’s no ‘one size fits all.’ The right spot can vary based on the type of monitor, room layout, and personal preferences. Let’s dig into these options now.

Wall Mount

This is my go-to recommendation, and for a good reason. Mounting your baby monitor on a wall opposite the crib gives you an unobstructed bird’s eye view of your baby. A height of about 6 feet usually works best. Installing additional shelving can help, but remember to secure everything properly to mitigate any injury risk.

Corner Mount

If you prefer a panoramic view of the nursery, then corner mounting might be for you. This placement allows a wider view, especially with monitors that have the tilt and pan function.

Dresser or Shelf

If drilling holes isn’t your style, you can place your monitor on a high, stable piece of furniture like a dresser or shelf, ensuring it’s secure and tilted towards the crib. It may not offer as clear a view as wall-mounting, but with careful positioning, it will serve the purpose.

Near the Crib

But what if you have a breathing or movement monitor? Fret not! You can place them next to the crib, remembering to keep all cords out of reach. Video monitors can give you a close-up view but ensure they are properly clipped so they don’t fall in.

Tips for Mounting

Mounting a baby monitor isn’t rocket science, but it does need some homework done right. Here are some top tips for you:

Keep Out of Reach

This is non-negotiable. As your baby grows, so does their curiosity. You don’t want them reaching for the enticing piece of tech with flashing lights. A minimum distance of three feet from your baby’s reach is advisable to avoid any accidents.

Avoid the Crib

Resist the urge to place the monitor directly on the crib. It might seem like the easiest solution, but it includes a multitude of risk factors like accidental cords pull-downs, and even device topple-overs.

Double Check the View

Before you mount it, check the monitor’s view on the baby’s area. Test the position at different times of the day to account for changing lighting conditions.

Consider the Monitor’s Specifications

Not all monitors are created equal. Some offer a peripheral view, while others pivot. Consider the specifications of your monitor when deciding on the ideal placement.


The journey of parenting is a marathon, and baby monitors are one tool that makes the race a little more manageable. By strategically mounting your monitor, you maximize its benefits, making it a more useful, reliable, and safe tool for keeping an eye on your precious little one when you can’t be at their side every moment. So follow these tips, mount your baby monitor in the sweet spot, and rest easy knowing you’ve added another layer of safety and security to your nursery.






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